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i'm cass ^___^

> taurus ☼ cap ☾ leo ↑
> may 12, latinx, vancouver
> she/her, not straight
> infp, chaotic good
> yo dream!

: 100, corgis, tiktok, the sims, stationery, glitter, miles morales, campy horror movies, rose water, artificial peach scents, lush bubble bars, sicheng's elf ear, frogs

: wasabi, moths, fire, fetishization, bigotry, hi high stage outfits, hot weather, fancams under serious tweets, mint chocolate chip


> i have major panic + anxiety disorder and depression so i tend to go ia from time to time. not that big of a deal but if i disappear off the face of the earth for a little while i am most likely ok!

> it also takes me a while to reply sometimes and that's nothing personal either. socializing exhausts me quickly but i love making friends and i'm constantly trying to improve :^)

> seriously please interact with me i'm nothing but a lowly feral possum

> i'm 18! and i'm not very comfortable interacting with people older than 25 or younger than 13

> literally don't look at me if you follow any of the dfi criteria or if you think it's ok to sexualize the dreamies thanks


dong sicheng nct + wayv
byun baekhyun exo
son hyejoo loona
ot7 nct dream
park chaeyoung blackpink
lee dongmin astro

kim taehyung bts
park chaewon loona
wong kunhang wayv
park jiwon fromis_9
kim younghoon the boyz
lee jinsook wjsn
kim yerim red velvet


oh hayoung fromis_9
son juyeon wjsn
kim jiwoo loona
ot5 f(x)
kim seolhyun aoa
choi yujin clc
son naeun apink
yoo shia oh my girl
im nayeon twice
shin ryujin itzy

jeon wonwoo seventeen
jung yoonoh nct
mark lee nct
eric son the boyz
yoon sanha astro
kim wonpil day6
park junhee ace
kim kibum shinee
yoo kihyun monsta x

++ i also really love brockhampton, joji, lolo zouai, laundry day, beabadoobee, the 1975, sigur ros, umi, cigarettes after sex and gorillaz :->

    dong sicheng

    102897 ☆ wayv ☆ scorpio

    ult of ults, winter prince, one up boy, keeper of my heart forever & always!


      byun baekhyun

      050692 ☆ exo ☆ taurus

      forever boy, honeybee, my home, guiding light & first love!